When going to leave home, the most basic thing that you really have to do is make sure that the house key can be used properly so that the house can be locked perfectly. However, if your home key is damaged or even lost, then you must use the locksmith Columbia SC update service so that the problem can be handled properly. Leaving home is not an easy matter because you have to make sure all the items in your house are safe. One way is to lock the house.

Below is the right way to maintain home security while you are traveling for a long time.

1. Locked the doors and windows properly
Locking doors and windows are the most important thing to do when leaving home. Doors and windows are the main roads for the entry of thieves. So, don’t let you forget to lock all your doors and windows. Also, don’t leave keys under pots, doormats or other places because the keys that you leave in such places are easily found by thieves.

2. Keep all valuables in a safe and locked place
You will leave home for a long time. So you should keep all valuables, such as jewelry, important letters or your money in a place that has a key, such as a small drawer in a closet or a safety box if you have one. Then bring the key so that no one can open it while you leave the house.

3. Close all drainage holes at home
Keeping the house clean is also an important thing for you to go home. You don’t want to, right, your house has lots of mosquitoes, cockroaches or mice when you go home later? So, you need to clean all the rooms in your house and close the drainage holes before you leave. Don’t forget to dispose of the garbage in all the trash cans in your house so that there is no foul odor from the garbage.