Who is not familiar with archery? One sport that has minimal movement began to be loved by all walks of life, from children, adults, to elderly parents. There is no age limit for playing archery because this sport does not involve a lot of physical activity. When playing archery, the tool used must be the best such as the best crossbow by absolute survivalist to get maximum results.

In addition to children, archery can be a special therapy to increase focus in understanding lessons at school. Archery is indeed highly recommended for children of productive age at school to sharpen focus and concentration that can support the learning process. As for other benefits that can be obtained from archery sports include:

1. Focus and be consistent
In archery, we are required to be able to focus at the same time consistently launching the bow to the target point. The more power we give when releasing the arrow, the faster the arrow will slide, so it is less likely to get the thrust from the wind. With repetition, pressure pulls and releases the bowstring, can strengthen the muscles of the upper body. The distance between the target and your position can also be a calculation to get the right energy.

2. Practicing Coordination
Strengthening hand and eye coordination is an important skill for archery. With a variety of different movements such as aiming and releasing arrows according to eye observation, your hands will be trained to be able to work together in a fast time. The cerebellum in the back of the brain will send signals to the muscles to maintain a balanced body condition. In addition to producing good shots, increasing coordination and speed can also help you in other activities.

3. Healthy heart
Archers can walk 70 meters when checking shots. Although this walking activity is carried out at short intervals, the cumulative effect of walking from archery can improve heart health, muscle strength, and leg strength, because you will more often walk to retrieve arrows.

4. Relaxation
Releasing the arrow and seeing it on the target board can produce satisfaction. The degree of saturation will decrease when hand and eye coordination in reaching the target is released. The series of movements in achieving the target that will create relaxation when the arrow glides toward the target.