When the person is ashamed to put his / her intentions into words, flowers are the right choice that can convey all the words held in that person’s heart. But did you know that flowers hold various meanings, so if someone gives you flowers, maybe one of the reasons below can be an answer for those of you who are already wondering? You can see the best florist on our website floreria near me.

1. To say I Love You
Of course, this has something to do with many people who always give flowers to express love to their partners. Identical flowers on Valentine’s Day celebrations or wedding anniversaries, many people are always looking forward to these days to express their feelings of love with a flower.

2. To say thank you
When you are confused about what to say thank you, flowers come to be a solution! Red and pink flowers are a symbol of love and affection, but there’s nothing wrong if you use them for gratitude too. Flowers hold deep meaning for expressions of gratitude. For example, when the Mother’s Day celebration arrives, you can give a bouquet of flowers to your beloved mother as a thank you for the services she has done throughout your life.

3. To brighten up your days
Someone who gave you a flower arrangement, but for no reason whatsoever, it could be that that person just wants to share happiness with you through the flower arrangement that he sends. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a bouquet of flowers for no good reason? He just wants to fill your days to be brighter and more fun.

4. To convey affection to friends
Who said flower arrangements are only for couples? A bouquet of flowers can also be a symbol of true friendship. So if your best friend gives you a flower arrangement, it is a sign that he really loves you. There are many kinds of flowers to symbolize friendship. Yellow and orange is the color of friendship that symbolizes warmth and joy.