Apart from sneakers, one of the fashion items that are close and attached to hip-hop music lovers is a hat or cap. You can’t miss this. The need for using a hat is very unlimited, especially in terms of its function when closing a bad hair day or carelessness from a wrong haircut. The plus point is that our appearance or style will become more handsome and attractive to girls. Additionally, if you want a personalized dad hat, we suggest you try to design your own dad hat.

Hat fever, especially dad cap, was felt in 2016, the article will also continue in the next year. We can imitate the needs and styles of these hats from public figures who often appear to be wearing hats. Some artists have gone viral when wearing dad caps by rappers like Kanye West, or actors like Chris Pine and Andrew Garfield.

There is nothing so special about dad cap. This baseball cap has been used by many people for a long time, even as a mandatory item, especially for boys. However, the trend of wearing dad hats has turned into a trendy phenomenon after being used by various public figures or fashion accounts on Instagram.

So what’s the difference between this type of cap with the baseball one?

Dad cap or often called dad hat is the type of hat usually used by fathers, especially in the United States. The headgear is a baseball cap, but it curves around the brim.

However, this dad cap is different from the snapback, flat brim, or fitted had typed. So that you don’t get the wrong distinction, dad caps are usually made of canvas or cotton and have a curved brim and slightly oversized size.

Even countries whose inhabitants are not accustomed to wearing simple hats have started to try dad hat styles. The design is simple but easy to match with a variety of fashions, making this hat popular with young people.

We don’t have to try too hard to be cool by being able to wear the two color choices of the dad cap, black and white. These two color choices can show you as a young person who is active, dynamic, and simple at one time.