The pain that attacks Mr. P is indicated when the shape appears to bend. Mostly upward or sideways. When an erection occurs, the changes will be more noticeable. How come? Well, according to an expert’s explanation, this condition occurs due to the formation of fibrous plaques or scar tissue along the trunk of Mr. P. In fact, complaints about this male organ can haunt anyone. Indiscriminately, regardless of age, let alone social status. However, the fact is that most of the sufferers are middle-aged men. According to medical data, at least 3-9 percent of men in the world suffer from Peyronie’s disease. Visit and get the latest treatment.

The question is, can this disease affect male fertility?

Until now the culprit of Mr. “bending” problem. This P has not been uncovered. However, experts think that one of the triggers is repeated injury to the blood vessels in the penis. For example, during sex or sports. Well, this injury causes bleeding in the penis and triggers the body’s immune system response which results in the formation of scar tissue. Unfortunately, this injury can not always be remembered by the sufferer. Then, what about the symptoms?

The following are signs and symptoms that can arise from this disease:

The shape of Mr. P is very crooked. The bend can be pointing up, down, or to the side.
Callus. The formation of scar tissue (plaque) can be felt under the skin of the penis as a flat lump or hard lining tissue.
Pain arises. The pain in Mr. P can appear when the person has an erection.
Erectile dysfunction. People with this disease can experience problems with an erection and maintain it.
Shorter. Experts say Mr. P may be shortened due to this disease.

Returning to the question at the beginning, is it true that Peyronie can affect male fertility? According to experts, this curvature or deformity in Mr. P can cause pain or even an inability to have sex. Not only that, swelling and inflammation of Mr. P in this disease can also increase the risk of permanent scarring on Mr. P.

But what needs to be emphasized, this disease is not contagious and does not spread through intimate contact. However, it should not be denied that Peyronie will worsen erections. In addition, the formation of scar tissue as a curvature of the penis can also prevent penetration during sex.