Have you ever liked playing boats or ships? Have you ever seen the trajectory of the two? Usually, when you play a boat or ship, the management office will take you over the bridge that connects the management building with the deck that houses the boat or ship. The question is, how does the boat ramps bridge construction that connects the two become so strong even though it is in the water? A bridge is a construction that is built to connect two roads that were cut off due to obstacles such as river flow, steep valleys, ravines, transverse roads, railway lines, reservoirs, irrigation channels, and others. You could say that a bridge is a very important means of transportation because a bridge can shorten travel time to a place or region aluminum ramp.

In the construction of a bridge, of course, a strong foundation is needed to withstand the entire load of the bridge to the ground. Some of the instruments commonly used in the construction of bridge foundations are the piezometer, inclinometer, PDA, and others. Types of foundations commonly used for bridge construction are steel piles, reinforced concrete piles, precast prestressed concrete piles, composite piles, concrete cast in place. With a strong foundation, the bridge can function properly and can withstand the loads it receives. Meanwhile, the raw materials for making bridges are divided into several types, namely concrete, wood, prestressed concrete, steel, and composites. The construction material of each bridge is adjusted to the function and load level that the bridge will accept. The lower part of the bridge which is at both ends of the bridge pillars, the function of the abutment is to hold all live loads (wind, rain, vehicles, etc.) and dead loads (girder loads, etc.) on the bridge.

Bridge construction that has been completed must pass the load test phase, the aim is to find out the maximum load level that the bridge can accept. In addition, bridges must also be monitored with a structural health monitoring system (SHMS) so that when cracks or shifts occur, they can be immediately identified.