As a group consisting of S-class fugitive ninjas, Akatsuki from the Naruto anime rarely works in groups to carry out their missions. Instead of working in groups, Akatsuki usually only sends two of their members on a mission. Akatsuki ninjas are some of the Coolest anime characters.

Well, of the Akatsuki duo who have fought with the protagonist Naruto, here are some of the strongest duos in Akatsuki in the Naruto anime:

Nagato and Konan

Nagato is known to be very strong thanks to his Rinnegan. With his Rinnegan powers, Nagato was strong enough to destroy Konoha with one strike. Meanwhile, Konan is known to have paper ninjutsu. This ability allows Konan to manipulate paper at will, such as turning paper into shuriken, bombs, and even turning himself into paper.

Apart from having worked together to steal the Six Tails, Nagato and Konan had also worked together to steal the Nine-Tails from Naruto in the Pain Invasion arc. However, their attempt failed and Nagato ended up sacrificing his life to revive the people he had killed, while Konan left the organization.

Itachi and Kisame

Being the son of an Uchiha, Itachi was very strong ever since he was very young. Itachi is also considered as a prodigy from the Uchiha clan due to his achievements. Meanwhile, Kisame is one of the former from the famous group, the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure.

Apart from having an intimidating appearance, Kisame is also quite feared because of his sword, Samehada. Meanwhile, Itachi was greatly feared because he was one of the strongest in the Uchiha. Itachi proved to be very good at using the Sharingan eye and genjutsu.

Kakuzu and Hidan

Kakuzu had a very bad temper. Previously, Kakuzu had always killed his partners because of his temperament. Therefore, Hidan is the only ninja who can survive with Kakuzu because he is immortal.

Unlike other duos who are compact and get along well, Kakuzu and Hidan hate each other. Hidan considered that Kakuzu’s obsession with money was just a waste of time. Therefore, Kakuzu wanted to kill Hidan and became very angry because he could not kill Hidan.

The two of them were even strong enough to kill a ninja as strong as Asuma.